Monday, August 10, 2009

Love For Friends

Well Hello everyone.....Now this Love for friends...A very diplomatic topic....Is it wrong to have attachment to ur friends? Definitely "NO" na? But y do ppl never understand that affection? Why do they have to feel so jerk-ish to be attached to friends. I ve totally lost a mojority of my friends after college got over. I shld say immediately the next day itself. Feels so bad man. I still keep contacting them all non stop, but i never get back replies frm them. I havea spl few grp of very damn close friends. I shower everything upon them...But i really donno how much and what they think abt me.... I donno who is going to read this crap of a blog post of mine....Its just a way to pour out my frustrations.....God why are ppl like this?Why arent they loving me anymore....??????Why arent they close anymore.....I understand they have theri own work to mind....all of them are busy......But a little srap, a small mail would do the magic wont it? pls god help them understand that im genuine.......

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PrabakaranManivel said...

Neat way..
shld say immediately the next day itself " very true words mdm.

Friends are better part of everyones life..!!

Good frustrations..!!