Monday, August 24, 2009

Sathyam Cinemas

Now that everybody on earth knows that Im sitting idle all the time at home....I would like to talk about one of my favourite past times.....Its called "movie watching". I ve never been a movie freak all the 20 years of my life. I occasionally watch a few good ones and I never miss out on "Animated Movies".But it was just that much. But now na...Drastic changes. I could never find a better time pass than movie watching. Be it Hindi, English or Tamil I just keep watching too many of them on T.V, DVD and Of course in my favourite Sathyam Cinemas. It's just because of Sathyam cinemas That i started to love movie watching in theatres. Another fact is that i never go to any other theatre. Wow man Sathyam is just spell binding,amazing,wonderfully beautifully excellent.
The look of it itself makes me visit it again and again. An added asset is that Im just too vetti to do anything that i keep going there so often. My recent watches there includes Star trek, Masilamani, Kulir 100 degrees(YUCK!), Achamundu Achamundu, Hp and the half blood prince, Angels and Demons, Bolt, Ice Age3, Love aaj Kal.....Man look at the list...I think i ve seen almost everything on the screens over there. But Still even if the movie is not worth watching I happily pay 120 rupees for that posh look and comfortable seats, RDX, A.C effects, Cleanliness, Mirror like floors and walls, the grandeur and Of course the Yummy Snack counter.

The food stuff is just too good and i need to talk lots on it now. Starting with a chilled Cold coffee and pop corn with lotsa butter and cheese toppings. Heavenly. I never miss out on these two things. The other yummy stuff like cream doughnuts, vanilla muffins,huge cups of coke, Nachos with salsa, vegetable Puff...Burb!!!! LOL...Another exciting thing there is the "S" magazine published there every month.You can grab ur free copy at the snack counters. It s just too gooooood. Amazing news and contests. another lovely thing is the beautiful eat out "ECSTACY" .Its very very expensive but too good.

My next fav hot spot at Sathyam sinemas now is : "ID" or Idly Dosa. Semma cool place where u get the traditional Chennai Food. Piping hot steaming Idlies and Dosas with colourful chutney and sambar at very affordable prices. It also offers lots of Stuff like traditional filter coffee,tea, pesarat dosa, vadai, keera vadai, aapam ,idiyappam and lot of traditonal food . It s just too good. The one thing which did not impress me at Sathyam Cinemas is "BLUR" .The largest gaming playzone something. Im not a gamer so maybe thats the reason i dont like that place. Other than that...My sathyam cinemas is My first Love. Just love it damn good :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Love For Friends

Well Hello everyone.....Now this Love for friends...A very diplomatic topic....Is it wrong to have attachment to ur friends? Definitely "NO" na? But y do ppl never understand that affection? Why do they have to feel so jerk-ish to be attached to friends. I ve totally lost a mojority of my friends after college got over. I shld say immediately the next day itself. Feels so bad man. I still keep contacting them all non stop, but i never get back replies frm them. I havea spl few grp of very damn close friends. I shower everything upon them...But i really donno how much and what they think abt me.... I donno who is going to read this crap of a blog post of mine....Its just a way to pour out my frustrations.....God why are ppl like this?Why arent they loving me anymore....??????Why arent they close anymore.....I understand they have theri own work to mind....all of them are busy......But a little srap, a small mail would do the magic wont it? pls god help them understand that im genuine.......

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Loooooooooooonnnnnnnnngggggg TiME

Hey friends....
Its been almost a year since I ve blogged ....Dont ever assume that I ve been really busy and all that.I was totally vetti..Not knowing what to do at all.I could have very well blogged..But it just never occured to me. LOL. This year..My final year at college has really been an eventful one
The most important events include our placements as I have already mentioned in my previous blog post. Alls well that ends well.I ve completed my degree. Yipeee Im an engineer toooo.Well but guess these days....with all the recession around....An engineering graduate is the most affected person. No job, no respect..Not even a BPO job is offered to us(the newspaper posts for BPO s say B.E/B.Tech graduates pls dont apply).Even ppl who are placed are waiting for endless days for the call letters.And so is my case too. Why has the situation become so worse when our batch is graduating? Do we call this luck or ill fate?
well this is a question which im trying to decipher for a long time...

How does a person's destiny get fixed...Is it fate or luck..why are some ppl always lucky at certain things and some are not?Why do good ppl have to face so many hardships and troubles? while the bad guys get everything and are always happy? They say god will test good ppl but will not let them at stake(Baasha movie dialogue of course)..But still...even if god is not going to let down the good ppl why do they have to undergo hardships?Is it "KARMA"??? the wrong/bad things which the good ppl do in their past life? Or.......AAAAARRGH...I really cant understand this thingyy.......Fair enuf....Im not immortal to understand the logic of human life and its destiny..Im just a meak creature in this universe struggling hard to find what is in store for me.