Monday, August 24, 2009

Sathyam Cinemas

Now that everybody on earth knows that Im sitting idle all the time at home....I would like to talk about one of my favourite past times.....Its called "movie watching". I ve never been a movie freak all the 20 years of my life. I occasionally watch a few good ones and I never miss out on "Animated Movies".But it was just that much. But now na...Drastic changes. I could never find a better time pass than movie watching. Be it Hindi, English or Tamil I just keep watching too many of them on T.V, DVD and Of course in my favourite Sathyam Cinemas. It's just because of Sathyam cinemas That i started to love movie watching in theatres. Another fact is that i never go to any other theatre. Wow man Sathyam is just spell binding,amazing,wonderfully beautifully excellent.
The look of it itself makes me visit it again and again. An added asset is that Im just too vetti to do anything that i keep going there so often. My recent watches there includes Star trek, Masilamani, Kulir 100 degrees(YUCK!), Achamundu Achamundu, Hp and the half blood prince, Angels and Demons, Bolt, Ice Age3, Love aaj Kal.....Man look at the list...I think i ve seen almost everything on the screens over there. But Still even if the movie is not worth watching I happily pay 120 rupees for that posh look and comfortable seats, RDX, A.C effects, Cleanliness, Mirror like floors and walls, the grandeur and Of course the Yummy Snack counter.

The food stuff is just too good and i need to talk lots on it now. Starting with a chilled Cold coffee and pop corn with lotsa butter and cheese toppings. Heavenly. I never miss out on these two things. The other yummy stuff like cream doughnuts, vanilla muffins,huge cups of coke, Nachos with salsa, vegetable Puff...Burb!!!! LOL...Another exciting thing there is the "S" magazine published there every month.You can grab ur free copy at the snack counters. It s just too gooooood. Amazing news and contests. another lovely thing is the beautiful eat out "ECSTACY" .Its very very expensive but too good.

My next fav hot spot at Sathyam sinemas now is : "ID" or Idly Dosa. Semma cool place where u get the traditional Chennai Food. Piping hot steaming Idlies and Dosas with colourful chutney and sambar at very affordable prices. It also offers lots of Stuff like traditional filter coffee,tea, pesarat dosa, vadai, keera vadai, aapam ,idiyappam and lot of traditonal food . It s just too good. The one thing which did not impress me at Sathyam Cinemas is "BLUR" .The largest gaming playzone something. Im not a gamer so maybe thats the reason i dont like that place. Other than that...My sathyam cinemas is My first Love. Just love it damn good :)

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Kaushik said...

Aaha, madam blogs, eh? Just came to know now. :) Sathyam theater'a... hayyo ore the feelings of India. :(