Saturday, March 31, 2007


Thanks to Tamil Nadu Govt.we have got two solid days to enjoy this weekend.saturday and sunday.In fact it's been ages since i were at home during a saturday,coz oue college works on saturdays too.of late we've been working 7 days a week(that includes sundays too,sigh!!!).thats a little less than 24X7 hours of work.Its now that i've realized how heavenly my school was.We had hols every weekend.We used to grumble a lot when they call us on saturdays which used to be a very rare occasion though.Now look at us.Without even a word we keep working on saturdays and sundays......Im really very glad to be at home.its saturday today.watching all movies on T.V,relishing good breakfasts and lunch patiently(cant do this during the weekdays),happily blogging .......haaaaaaaa feels like heaven.Though there's one exam on monday,i really have the satisfaction.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Hmpf shucks and double shucks.Guess the wind didnt blow towards us.India is out of the world im getting a bit angry with the team.Arent they survivng just due to cricket???Isnt playing their only job???Isnt Indian Govt. paying them loads just to represent the country and play well.Well in that case why didnt they do that.I suppose they were too busy acting in commercials rather than practising. I guess peolple will now stop getting "CRICKET CRAZY: and will pay some attention to various other fields of sports.Well i think India is doing very well in all other sport except for cricket.The second shucks is because the model exams have started at college,which is such a head ache.we've gotto study the entire syllabus in one evening. My college sure does teach me time management and crisis handling.Well anyways no one bothers to study for these exams.Neither do I.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

India at the world cup 2007!

What do i say,India lost the first match against Bangladesh.won the second withBermuda.But lost the most crucial and deciding match with Srilanka.They say India is virtually out of the world cup 2007.It hasnt even qualified for the super8.
But there is no point in blaming the team at all.It happens ok.After all it was just a game.Winning and losing is a part of it.One thing that hurt everyone was that India could have won the first match.Indians being "cricket maniacs" or rather "cricket fanatics" will surely rebel.
Ettiquets dont play a pretty good role in here.
People can never take this easy.But nothing can be done now.Only if Bermuda could win against Bangla with a high margin score,has India got chances of proceeding further.Poor Dravid,couldnt bare watching him weep .Its all in a game.we know abt our Indian team.They are the best.Its only Luck that hasnt favoured them till now.Lets wait and watch.Hope the wind blows towards our side very soon.