Monday, April 9, 2007


Exams are on now.The univ pracs are due on 11th of april.VP first.Sigh wat do i say.hectic hectic hectic. Life sure is torturous these days.Exams already,moreover spl classes also.Even among all this,I got to see this movie called"THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS". An excellent movie i must say!Its the real life story of a man called Chris Gardener who works as a salesperson.He lives with his wife Linda and a cute kid Christopher.
HE meets very hard times and his wife leaves him.The story ecstasically revolves around the father and son.Although he faces so many problems he never told a word to his 5 yr old child.How they stay homeless for nights in a row,the difficulties in getting food and at last how he comes up in life by his dedication and hardwork.A truly amazing movie everyone must watch.
After watching movies like these, I do feel that all the troubles that i have been facing with regards to studies are nothing compared to greater problems like those.Life cant always be rosy.We have to struggle hard to achieve victory.TO reach our goal we should always be GoD fearing and dedicated and very very sincere.

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