Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Hmpf shucks and double shucks.Guess the wind didnt blow towards us.India is out of the world im getting a bit angry with the team.Arent they survivng just due to cricket???Isnt playing their only job???Isnt Indian Govt. paying them loads just to represent the country and play well.Well in that case why didnt they do that.I suppose they were too busy acting in commercials rather than practising. I guess peolple will now stop getting "CRICKET CRAZY: and will pay some attention to various other fields of sports.Well i think India is doing very well in all other sport except for cricket.The second shucks is because the model exams have started at college,which is such a head ache.we've gotto study the entire syllabus in one evening. My college sure does teach me time management and crisis handling.Well anyways no one bothers to study for these exams.Neither do I.


Lakshmi Kumaraguruparan said...

i clearly rmbr my dear frend telling me off NOT to speak ill of our wretched cricket team when they played truly beautifuly wit banglades and sri lanka.....and lookeee at wat she gotta write abt them...hyuck!!!


hey lacs first day i wasnt angry,later only i realized how true ur precious words were ok!